SmartPCFix is an all-in-one optimization and cleaner tool. SmartPCFix includes 5 different tools that will make your PC faster, cleaner, more stable and more secure: Registry Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, Trace Cleaner and RAM Cleaner
  • SmartPCFix Registry Cleaner
  •   Software Paths
  •   Software Locations
  •   ActiveX/Components
  •   File Associations
  •   Interfaces/Types
  •   Startup programs list
  •   Uninstall entries
  •   Help and Resources
  •   Font and Sound
  •   Temporary Registry Values
  •   History Lists

SmartPCFix Registry Cleaner

SmartPCFix Registry Cleaner can locate and correct problems in the Windows registry, such as missing references to shared DLLs, unused registration entries for file extensions, and missing referenced application paths.

Over time it is inevitable that your PC will accumulate errors in its registry database, potentially causing the issues. Now you can quickly and easily scan for and fix different registry errors with SmartPCFix Registry Cleaner.

When you scan for and eliminate spyware or adware, they are usually forcibly removed with no chance to clean up after themselves. This can results in hundreds or even thousands of chunks of registry that can clutter your system.

  • SmartPCFix Windows Cleaner
  •   Junk Files Created by Windows
  •   Junk Files Created by Applications
  •   Thumbnail Cache
  •   Memory Dump Files
  •   Error Report Log
  •   Downloaded Files Created by Windows

SmartPCFix Windows Cleaner

SmartPCFix Windows Cleaner cleans temporary files, history, cookies and autocomplete form history of browsers. And it removes of Windows junk files, such as Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files, Cache files and Log files.

  • SmartPCFix Trace Cleaner
  •   Run in Start Menu
  •   Invalid Shortcuts
  •   Explorer MRUs
  •   Windows Tray Notification Cache
  •   Network Drive Mapping History
  •   Taskbar Jump List
  •   Microsoft IE Cookies
  •   Windows Media Player
  •   Windows WordPad
  •   Windows Defender
  •   Windows Paint
  •   Windows Office

SmartPCFix Trace Cleaner

SmartPCFix Trace Cleaner scans and removes traces left by you or by different applications on your system: cookies, search history, files, shortcuts, etc.

  • SmartPCFix Privacy Cleaner
  •   History of Viewed Images
  •   History of Watched Videos
  •   Histroy of Document Files
  •   History of Visited Pages

SmartPCFix Privacy Cleaner

SmartPCFix Privacy Cleaner scans and removes the history of viewed images, videos, files and what web pages you have visited.

  • SmartPCFix RAM Cleaner
  •   System Process
  •   User Process

SmartPCFix RAM Cleaner

SmartPCFix RAM Cleaner free up the memory used by useless processes.


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